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Technology Advising Services

Ensuring you get the exact technology you need, while saving you time and money.

Most internal information technology departments can’t handle the full scope of what we can deliver. We’re not saying they aren’t intelligent enough. It’s just that what we do takes a lot of time, and they likely need to continue supporting and managing your day-to-day technology needs.

Your current IT department is likely already too busy to:

  • Audit and analyze your systems
  • Research and learn about all the different technology solutions and partners available
  • Have conversations with those partners to learn and negotiate cost
  • Manage implementation
  • Explore selling old technology/equipment

80 Hours

An average technology assessment and onboarding project takes in excess of 80 hrs to complete. We don’t know any internal people who have that much extra bandwidth. And even if that had that time, wouldn’t you want them working on something else? What’s your and your employees’ time worth?


45 Locations – 400+ Employees – 1,000 Mobile Devices


over 3 years through our mobility assessment program


Top 100 Law Firms – 15+ Countries Globally – 10+ Carriers


annually by migrating from MPLS to dual-internet

Manufacturing and Distribution

75+ Locations – US, Canada, and UK – 20+ Carriers + 7 Year Old Routers


on network connectivity

Our Technology Advising Services

All too often, businesses are faced with making critical technology decisions based solely on advice from vendors who just want to sell a service. It’s like trying to cover unfamiliar territory at night without a flashlight.

Beacon Technology Partners is your light in the dark. We’re your unbiased, trustworthy guide in navigating every aspect of your technology journey. Why can you trust us? Because we don’t sell services – or anything else, for that matter. Our expertise and solutions come at no cost to customers. This allows us to truly focus on your needs, instead of worrying about our own.

Technology Assessment

  • Needs & goals assessment
  • Expense audits
  • Optimization findings
  • Roadmap planning

Information Technology Sourcing

  • Needs & goals assessment
  • Budget planning
  • RFP/RFQ process management
  • Vendor alignment
  • Contract negotiations

Operations Support

  • Technology implementations support
  • Support escalation
  • Project management oversight

Hardware Lifecycle Management

  • Hardware fulfillment
  • Hardware buyback

Identify your optimal tech solutions from a financial AND technological perspective.