• Expertly guiding you through an ever-changing sea of technology decisions

A technology advising firm that’s purposeful, confident, and dedicated.

For more than 17 years, our team of analysts and engineers has guided organizations to making confident technology decisions that fit their exact needs and goals. We’re an unbiased guide in helping you navigate every aspect of your technology journey, from technology assessment and information technology sourcing, to technology implementation support and managing hardware lifecycle. With Beacon Technology, you’re not alone in making impactful business-changing technology decisions.

A beacon is a guide, a protector.  That’s what we try to be at Beacon Technology Partners.

A guide to help explore and adapt new technology solutions, while protecting from investments of capital and time with technologies, or providers, that are not in line with, or capable of helping your company’s visions become reality.

Our free consultation and unbiased approach will make it feel like we are an extension of your IT department.

Tobey Blessman, Director

We Are

Purposeful Mappers

We take the time to chart every peak and valley of your organization’s technology landscape, then map a course of action that implements the right solutions at the right times. You get a clear path forward to a successful technology implementation without maxing out your internal resources.

Confident Navigators

Our expertise lights the way to your destination, with experienced professionals to keep you on track along the way. As your navigator, we guide you through challenging technology decisions – at no cost to your organization.

Dedicated Overachievers

Every organization needs an overachiever on the team. Consider us your overachiever, working to exceed expectations every chance we get. All because we truly enjoy working with our clients – and we want you to love working with us, too.

Our ‘Be’ Values

Born and raised in the Midwest, we honor the values of hard work, honesty, loyalty and pragmatism in everything we do. These values are our guiding light.

Be trustworthy

Honesty is not just the best policy – it’s our #1 policy. We act in a transparent, trustworthy way that earns the respect of colleagues and clients.

Be consistent

Our motto is, “Do what you say you’re going to do.” Creating a great customer experience begins with staying true to the words we speak and delivering on the promises we make.

Be supportive

Our collaborative culture starts internally. We’re a team that supports each other so we can work together to give our clients the best experience possible.

Be exceptional

We go above and beyond every chance we get to make sure our clients get what they need, when they need it.

Identify your optimal tech solutions from a financial AND technological perspective.